The loss of biodiversity is a global challenge. This is why it is particularly necessary that all the actors work together.

At the level of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the so-called "technical and scientific cooperation" is structured around the use of the CHM and its network. Actors are thus encouraged to highlight their achievements, and to share them in order to constitute an effective network for sharing knowledge, practices and technologies. In addition to the CHM network, the BioBridge initiative aims to put together providers and seekers of techniques, knowledge and technologies among stakeholders in all member countries.

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At the French level, cooperation is organized via in particular the French Development Agency (AFD) and its satellite instrument, the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), which finance several projects involving the sustainable use of natural resources, reinforcing the existence of the link between environmental protection and the fight against poverty and involving indigenous and local populations.

In this spirit, AFD is committed to the implementation of financial tools enabling environmental issues to be taken into account: conservation trust funds (Madagascar, Mozambique, Mauritania, Central African Republic), subsidized loans for protected areas (Kenya, Morocco), payments for environmental services (Mexico, 2011 capitalization study), 2011-2012 capitalization study on donor practices in compensation for damage to biodiversity.

The FFEM supports projects to protect the global environment. Its strategy and decisions are decided by an interdepartmental steering committee (Economy, Foreign Affairs, Ecology, Research, Agriculture), in which the AFD also participates. The FFEM supports the protection and sustainable management of marine and terrestrial resources, the use of genetic resources for the benefit of traditional populations, as well as the diversity of cultivated species. The FFEM values ​​biodiversity to make it an asset for economic and social development, taking care to involve local populations in its management.

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