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Folder Implementation of the Convention at national level

Implementation of thematic programs and relevant cross-cutting issues, including the objectives of Aichi.

The realization of the French commitment under the Convention on Biological Diversity is marked since 2004 by the willingness to integrate biodiversity in all public policies by implementing the thematic programs and cross-cutting issues, in particular those related to :

 Thematic programs 

  • Agricultural biodiversity
  • Forest biodiversity
  • Biological diversity of inland waters
  • Marine and coastal biodiversity
  • Island biodiversity
  • Mountain biodiversity


Cross-cutting issues

  •  Climate change and biodiversity
  • Communication, education and public awareness
  • Economy, trade and incentives -
  • Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
  • Global Taxonomy Initiative
  • Identification, monitoring, indicators and assessments
  • Impact Assessment
  • Exotic and invasive species
  • Protected areas
  • Sustainable use and biodiversity
  • Biodiversity and Tourism
  • New and emerging issues: Synthetic biology


Development and implementation of the National Strategy for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (SNB 2011-2020)

The National Strategy for Biodiversity (SNB) is the realization of the French commitment under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), it also represents the biodiversity component of the National Sustainable Development Strategy (SNDD) under the authority of the Prime Minister.

 After a first phase completed in 2010, the new National Strategy for Biodiversity 2011-2020 aims to produce a greater commitment of various actors at all territorial levels, in France and overseas, in order to achieve the agreed objectives. It establishes as a common ambition to preserve and restore, strengthen and enhance biodiversity, its sustainable and equitable use, by a successful involvement of all people in all sectors. It is built on 20 priority targets that can generate frameworks and courses of action.

 Actions and initiatives developed in the framework of the National Strategy for Biodiversity (SNB) are intended to evolve over time. Each year, those actions and initiatives will feed a directory called “Ideas Box of the SNB Action Guide” available to all concerned actors.

For each of the 20 objectives of the Strategy, you will find three levels of practical information: policy frameworks, the courses of action, examples of actions already realized.

Environmental Conference

Within the framework of the Environment “Grenelle Round Table” and the Sea “Grenelle Round Table”, many commitments have already been made and contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy for Biodiversity. They relate in particular to the protection of species and natural areas (strategy of creating protected areas, national action plans for species etc. ..). The implementation of all these commitments continues. In addition and as part of its competences, the State is committed to the implementation of the National Strategy for Biodiversity through the results and conclusions adopted at the Environmental Conference, the first meeting of which was held in Paris on 14th and 15th October 2012.

This Environmental Conference has reflected the importance given by the President of the Republic and the Government to the major environmental issues: climate change, resource scarcity and decline in global biodiversity. The following roadmap shows the way to engage France in energetic transition, based on reduced consumption and efficiency as well as the development of renewable energy, and more generally in the ecological transition. Its objective is to make France a nation of “environmental excellence”.

The Environmental Conference was based on the principle of multi-stakeholder consultation (non-governmental organizations, trade unions, employers organizations, local authorities, State), with a stronger parliamentary involvement. It is complementary to other government projects such as the Social Conference, the next step of Decentralization or Competitiveness policy. An annual appointment will take account of the progress realized, will adjust the objectives and means to define a new work program for the following year.

This first  Environmental Conference has permitted, after discussion, to build a work program which is translated by the roadmap for ecological transition. This program is fuelled by the work of five round tables :

  •  to prepare the national debate on energetic transition,
  • to make France an exemplary country in terms of restoration of biodiversity,
  • to prevent environmental health risks,
  • to create a fiscal basis to finance ecological transition,
  • to improve environmental governance.

 In addition to producing a roadmap, this first meeting resulted in “instruction letters” sent by the Prime Minister to each minister stating to everyone the commitments to be implemented

The next environnemenal conference will be held on 20 and 21 September 2013 to Economic, Social and Environnemental Council. It will result in the assessment of the actions under the roadmap for the ecological transition in September 2012


Folder Mise en oeuvre des programmes thématiques et des questions transectorielles, dont les objectifs d'AICHI
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