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Folder Funding of biodiversity projects

National funding (to be completed)

International funding

A public institution, the French Development Agency (AFD), and a bilateral public Fund, The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), are the main sources of financing transnational projects for Biodiversity

The French Development Agency (AFD) has been working for 70 years to fight poverty and promote development in developing countries and in the French Overseas Communities. It implements the development policy defined by the French Government.

AFD is present in 4 continents, in South America, in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean, in The Middle East, in sub-Saharan Africa, in Asia… through a net of over 70 offices and agencies that represent this organization worldwide including 9 offices in French overseas territories and one in Brussels. 

AFD finances and supports projects that improve people’s living conditions, promote economic growth and protect the planet for instance getting children into school, promote health, support farmers and small businesses, insure water supply, preserve tropical forests and fight against global warming.

In 2011, AFD invested more than 6.9 Billion Euros in actions that were carried on in developing countries and in the French overseas territories.

These actions contributed to schooling  4 million children in primary school, and 2 million in middle school. They have improved the drinking water distribution system for 1.53 million people. The projects that aim a more efficient energy will help save 3.8 Billion tonnes of the equivalent of CO2 in a year.

AFD’ action is led with values and principles: having efficient help, transparency, operational accountability, social and environmental responsibility, and the Millennium Development Goals for development. AFD finances development projects in over 90 countries.

AFD has initiated its biodiversity strategy by a sustainable management and the protection of ecosystems by promoting the forest sector, fishing and fisheries, protected areas, intervening in local areas essentially in Africa, encouraging state policies, and capacity building along with sectorial integration. 

This integration is currently developing and some of the funds dedicated to biodiversity in such sectors have grown up.

Alongside with The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), bilateral public state fund, managed by the AFD, the AFD also initiates pilot operations and demonstrations to protect biodiversity.

The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) is a bilateral public fund initiated by the French government in 1994.

Its secretary and financial management are directed/ by The French Development Agency 

The FFEM aims to co-finance environmental projects in developing countries. 

This co-financing is only made through donations and is aimed at implementing pilot projects that promote environment and economic development of the recipient countries.

AFD mainly works on Biodiversity issues, international waters, climate change, and degradation of the land, persistent organic pollutants, or the Ozone layer.

On the 31 December 2012, 237 projects have been approved for substantial engagement for an amount of 276 million euro’s and 2/3 of this amount is dispatched in sub Africa and  the Mediterranean.

The missions of the FFME are to:

·         Promote the global environment in developing countries

·         Encourage innovations

·         Mobilise multi –actor’s agreements


The FFME intervenes through funding:

·         In support to concrete achievements in recipient countries with a learning approach and by testing innovative and exemplary approaches,

·         When requested by its 5 institutional partners,

·         in minority co-financing,

·         as an additional tool to the French foreign help, and considered as a public funding for development.

Over half of the projects in 2010 concerned biodiversity, namely :

·         Conservation of species and habitats,

·         Traditional use of the natural resources by the populations

·         Sustainable management of natural resources to transform them into an asset for economic and social development. 

To learn more , check at the FFEM brochure and  CLICK HERE

URL AFD-Conservation International Partnership : Protect Biodiversity Hotspots for humanity and prosperity