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Folder What links govern France to the Convention

France has ratified the Convention on 1st July 1994, and it came into force in France on September 29th, 1994. France must therefore apply to the objectives and requirements of the Convention. Specific links exist between each state and the Convention Secretariat to regularly monitor the implementation of these objectives and requirements, but also to adapt or develop them if necessary.

 These links are through four major initiatives, namely :

 Attendance at meetings : including the participation in the Conferences of Parties (COPs) that bring together all countries that have ratified or not the Convention. These Conferences take place every two years or so. Important decisions are taken, mostly to be implemented  immediately if they are adopted. The participation of France has also to be very active in meetings of the Subsidiary Body in charge of producing advice on Scientific, Technical and Technological matters, in order to prepare the Conference of the Parties (usually two meetings between each Conference of the Parties).

Designation of national focal points  to coordinate the work of France to the Convention and monitor the implementation of the action in France, the report also at international meetings. Two national focal points were appointed : one is located in the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in the Department of International and European Affairs, the second at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development and Global public goods Directorate.

 Preparation of national reports to the CBD Secretariat : a quadrennial national report is provided, on a voluntary basis, to the Convention on Biological Diversity. National correspondents ensure its coordination. So far France has provided four national reports. The fifth report should be issued by 31st March 2014, and will focus on the progress made in the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi Targets.

 Response to relevant notifications to national focal points by the CBD Secretariat : The Secretariat of the Convention, in order to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Conference of the Parties or Subsidiary Bodies addresses to the national focal points of the countries party to the Convention, specific questions that they must answer within a specified delay. When France is concerned, answers is given directly or in conjunction with the Presidency of the European Union or the European Commission.


Folder Réponse de la France aux différentes notifications
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