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Folder List of countries that are parties to the convention and to other protocols

The text of the Convention was open to signatories on the 5th of June 1992 and entered into force on the 29th of December 1993. The Convention for biological diversity was signed by 168 countries by December 1993.

For a long time, the Convention had a limited scope but since the 1990's it started to be applied in some countries and some supranational communities such as the European Union.

Out of a total of 197 countries recognized by the United Nations in 2012, 193 countries are now party to the Convention.

The United States have signed it but never ratified it so they are not bound to respect the legal framework it imposes.

When a state becomes a member of this Convention it has to respect the legal framework and apply it to his country - and also participate to the work of the Convention on a national, regional, and multilateral level.

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URL List of countries party to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety or having signed
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